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This year we are more excited than ever to take on the 1/4 mile drag strip at Santa Pod. With a new surface being laid out which promises to be better than ever we can't wait to burn down the track in the fastest time possible. If you haven’t taken your Ford down the track before we 100% recommended you do. Not only do you get the thrill of a drag race against other like minded Ford enthusiast but you will receive a full performance print out, showing your reaction time, terminal speed, and elapsed time as well as a host of incremental measures. 

To help you get the best from your drag strip experience, here’s the answers to some frequently asked questions…


Q. Do I need to prepare the car before I go?

A. While the very ethos of RYWB is to race your road car, some simple preparations will ensure you get the best from your time on the strip. At the very least you should remove any loose objects from the boot, check your tyres (for pressure and tread), and make sure your fluids are all topped up and not leaking anywhere.


Q. Do I need a race license to go on the track?

A. No, just as long as you have a full UK driving license you can sign on to go racing.


Q. Can I take a passenger?

A. Yes, passengers can buy wristbands from the Sign-On Office for £10. The car needs to be fully street legal, not reach in excess of 130mph, and passengers must also have a valid UK driving license to get a wristband. One passenger per car only.


Q. Where do I get my timing slips from?

A. You can pick up your slips throughout the day from the Sign-On Office.


Q. What’s an ET?

A. ET stands for elapsed time. It’s the time taken from the moment you break the first timing beam on the start line until you break the timing beam at the finish line. Many people thing the time starts when the light goes green, but it only starts counting when you move forward from the staged position and break the first timing beam.


Q. Do I need a crash helmet?

A. Not unless your car can reach 110mph or over before the finish line. If you do hit those speeds you will be told you need to wear a helmet. Helmets are not available to hire on the day, so if you think you might need one bring your own with you.


Q. My car comes with launch control, can I use this?

A. Yep, feel free.


Q. Can I race against my mate?

A. Yes, of course. Just line up alongside each other in the fire-up lane and you will be brought on to the start line side-by-side.


Q. Do I need to have slick/race tyres?

A. Not at all. Many people use their road tyres, but it is a good idea to lower the pressures a little for better grip off the line – just remember to pump them back up again before you go home.


Q. Do I need to do a burnout before I launch?

A. No, and if you’re not confident, or it’s your first run, then don’t worry about it. Warming the tyres will give better results, but for the first few runs just concentrate on pulling away as quickly as you can and being smooth with your gearshifts. And if your car is 4x4 don’t bother attempting a burnout as the super-grippy surface will almost certainly destroy your transmission.


For just £20 you’ll get four runs up the strip to use during the show so there are plenty of chances to improve your time. To book, head to the RWYB sign-on office marked on the map from 09:00am ­– all you’ll need to sign on is a full UK or European Driving Licence. 






Saturday 29th September

From 09:00

17:30 – 20:00



Sunday 30th September

From 09:00

09:30 – 17:00


4 Runs

Tickets are available to purchase on the day only at the sign-in office. Passenger tickets can also be purchased on the day for £10. Both driver will be required to show their full UK (or other EU state) driving licence. Tickets are valid all day.


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